HALO Antique


For a year now I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with photographer Benjamin Bouchet to interpret my creations as part of a series of still lifes where the jewels are staged with various textures and materials, often from pieces of artistic craftsmanship. We were recently able to approach the variations of the Halo ring in a photographic triptych, highlighting the versatility of the model and the strength of each of its iterations. The personalization of a jewel is more than a story of color, it is a new story that is told by adopting a new way of wearing it, by affirming a new personality, by defining the personal as unique.

In this first shot, you can see the original version of the Halo ring set with an ancient Roman cameo. This model, which can be worn by a man as by a woman, gives off a powerful, enveloping and protective character ... tomorrow  a new version of the Halo ring in black moonstone will be unveiled …


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