"The joy of wearing a unique piece of jewelry is the pleasure of imagining, telling and sharing a story. It is the most emotional of possessions."

When ordering a bespoke jewel, Amélie Viaene invites you to a creative dialogue offering a privileged look at the creation process and her know-how, revealing a unique experience of jewelry. 

The conception of a bespoke jewel is a real exercise in style for Amélie Viaene, a meeting between your desires and her creativity. The order of a unique jewel also requires from you a confidence in your desire, confidence which will stimulate the imagination of Amélie Viaene and will enable her to translate your wishes into a work carrying all the characteristics of her style and faithful to her artistic approach.

Made-to-measure can also mean personalizing a piece of jewelry from the Amélie Viaene collections. It is a new story that is told by adopting a new look, highlighting the versatility of a model and defining a new personality for it, defining the personal as unique. 

During the first appointment at the atelier-boutique or online in the case of a remote order, the exchange with Amélie will help define the outline of your project:

The jewels from her collection that you particularly like, the stone colors that appeal to you, the jewel or gem to which you wish to give a second life, the detours of the conversation that will reveal a bit of your personality and taste... All these elements will inspire Amélie to design your unique jewel.

The next meetings will enable her to propose different original gouache drawings, a selection of stones and to start the manufacturing process. You will witness each step of the process until the revelation of your finished jewel.




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