"The luxury of time is one of the precious elements that form the identity of my jewelry."


Amélie's choice to work with metals and precious stones, as well as the time that she devotes to meticulously designing her jewelry, testifies to her attachment to the creation of timeless works. Amélie handcrafts each piece, using the traditional techniques of French jewelry to individually take them through each stage of their fabrication, from concept to realization.


From the sketch to the first volume studies, the idea of the jewel is refined and the technical drawing can be traced. The final stage of coloring gives it life and represents it in the most realistic way.

"My inspiration draws from infinite sources of shapes and colors that I collect and assemble on a daily basis."

"The role of the stones in my work is not only ornamental. Their nature, size, variety and number guide the story I want to convey, nothing is left to chance."


The choice of precious and fine stones, flawless or with particular inclusions... is a defining phase in the conception of the jewel. Amélie Viaene applies a particular care to set only gems of the best quality and to ensure their origin.

"Wax molding is my preferred fabrication method. It enables me to conceive and then produce my jewelry in one piece, and give it an organic dimension that I strive for in all my work."


The creation of the wax model is approached with the assurance of a sculptor, with precision and finesse. It is a fascinating step where ideas and sketches are transformed into a tangible object that you can touch and try on.

"Putting the finishing touches to a model is an intense moment. Step by step, its material is transformed, changes its appearance and reveals its preciousness. These moments bring immense joy”


The model is transformed into metal by the process of lost wax casting, and its surface is then polished to give it its full brilliance. For the finish of certain jewels, Amélie Viaene works with the best craftswomen and craftsmen, experts in their fields.


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