Kiku is a series of unique gold pendants, each of which reveals an original glass bead at its heart, a collaboration handcrafted in Paris by Amélie Viaene and Michi Suzuki. It illustrates the meeting of two materials and two skills, but above all between two women, two creators committed to the recognition of their art.


While Kiku is inspired by the Japanese word for chrysanthemum, an imperial symbol and sacred flower in Japan, the jewel intrigues with its many other facets. Its design, at once plant, mineral and organic, is representative of Amélie Viaene's work, identifiable by the play of volumes and openings, echoing the roundness and transparency of the central pearl.

Michi Suzuki, an internationally renowned Japanese glass artist, living in Paris since 2001, creates handmade glass beads and sculptures. Her work, which Amélie has admired and followed for many years, is regularly presented in art galleries and exhibitions.

Like René Lalique's creations in the Belle Epoque, Amélie Viaene wanted to sublimate the delicate material of glass, elevating it to the rank of a gem by offering it a golden case. Bespoke models can also be made to order for an infinite choice of personalized glass beads.


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