"My values are authentic: as an artist and craftswoman, my brand is my personality."

Amélie Viaene is living jewelry as a discipline where the requirement of a know-how meets a free and independent thinking. Her work is inspired by a constant search for meaning, based on human and ethical values that she transmits in her creations.


Each of Amélie Viaene’s jewels is created and handcrafted by the designer. Her creations communicate the sensitivity of the human gesture and recall the true meaning of the word “precious”, through four founding elements: identity, quality, rarity and emotion. 

She draws her energy from the personal and creative exchange she has with each of her clients. Without intermediaries, the direct relationship with the craftswoman offers a unique experience of jewelry and contributes to the meaning with which the jewel is imbued. 

Amélie Viaene's jewelry is acclaimed for its comfort. Their organic shapes fit every body type. Their signature style offers to those who wear them an answer to their desire for self-affirmation. 


Committed to producing ethical and environmentally friendly jewelry, the precious metals Amélie Viaene uses do not come from mines. She collaborates exclusively with foundries specialized in the recycling of gold and silver.
Collaborating with trustworthy stone dealers who share the same values, Amélie Viaene selects gems of the highest quality for her creations and guarantees their traceability. Offering a second life to heirloom jewelry also participates in this imperative to embrace an approach based on a virtuous cycle. 


Amélie Viaene produces a limited quantity of jewels each year. Except for unique pieces or for her new creations, she only produces a jewel when it is ordered by a client, making it both the most sustainable way of consuming and producing.

Labeled "made in Paris", Amelie Viaene’s creations are all handcrafted by her in her workshop at 62 rue Vaneau. They benefit for some aspects of their production (casting, setting, polishing) from the know-how of Parisian craftswomen and craftsmen who are experts in their field.


Amélie Viaene is committed to sharing her know-how and passing it on. She participates in actions to promote Artistic Crafts by offering workshops to discover the backstage of jewelry making and by committing herself to a future generation of craftswomen and craftsmen. 

She invites other "makers" to artistic collaborations to push the limits of jewelry by integrating their know-how into her work. Her still life photographic visuals are an opportunity to showcase art craft objects and their designers. 

Involved in the dynamism of her district, she created with her neighbors, creators and gallery owners, the first Parcours Vaneau-Babylone at the end of 2021. 


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