Umande, is a pair of yellow gold earrings, set with a pairing of tsavorite and Akoya pearls. It is this little pearl slipped into the heart of the jewel, which inspired me its name. In Swahili, Umande means "dew pearl". 

These new earrings allow me to tell you about tsavorite, one of the most spectacular gemstones from the large family of garnets. Discovered in 1967 on the border of Kenya and Tanzania by the Scottish geologist Campbell Bridges, its name comes from the Tsavo national park in Kenya. Tsavorite owes its intense green color to the presence of chromium and vanadium in its crystal structure, as in the case of emerald, while being much rarer than the latter. The quality of tsavorite rivals the beauty of precious stones, diamond, ruby, sapphire and... emerald. I hope it will seduce you as much as it has fascinated me since it caught my eye.



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