venera joaillerie sur mesure

To end this year on a high note, I wanted to share with you this image of the Venera ring, a new bespoke jewellery creation. This ring was made in pink gold and set with an emerald cut brown diamond, white diamonds and a duo of lapis lazuli cabochons.

Venera is a tribute to Venus, the planet that reflects the sunlight and appears to us as the most glittering star of the twilight. The brown diamond of Venera projects its brilliance in the heart of a celestial vault of lapis lazuli, an indigo sky where the golden inclusions appear as discrete stars. 

In this image, I was lucky enough to associate it with a wooden sculpture called "Seed" by the artist Maxime Perrolle  whose work has inspired me for several years. He comments on his work by saying, "Unrolling the chip, discovering the rings, feeling the scents reveal themselves, is reading the imprint that time has left on the tree."

As we prepare to change the year, I hope that these images of Venera and the mysteries of the sky and time will inspire you to a precious moment of contemplation.

I thank you for your loyalty and wish you a very happy holiday season!



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